Waiting. A Novella. (Part 1)

Wednesday 6 August  (DD -14)

Two weeks to due date!  Baby weighs 3.6kg so already mini-sumo. Chinese ultrasound doctor said that I can expect baby to be over 4kg at birth.   Felt whole body shudder uncomfortably. 

Thursday 7 August

In effort to spare my pelvis the trauma of birthing giant baby, began in earnest to self induce labour.  Drank 3 cups of raspberry leaf tea.  Burned clary sage oil throughout apartment (also helped at masking the smell of Ayi's lunch which was something with fish & garlic) and swallowed three evening primrose oil capsules.  Did my submersive jumping jacks with particular vigour at pre-natal aqua-aerobics class. 


Friday 8 August

Was determined to spend quality time with Little A this afternoon - this is code for saying 'determined not to turn on Peppa Pig for four hours'.   Read three books.  Made one watercolour painting.  Sang Hakuna Matata at least 17 times.  Made salsa and guacamole together.  Washed dishes together.  Played with baby-doll and tried to convey inappropriateness of jumping on baby-doll.  At 7pm got text message from Mr Oh indicating that he was delayed at work.  Turned on Peppa Pig.  

Saturday 9 August

Looked up 'signs of impending labour' on internet.  Don't have any of them - except impatience.  

While attending neighbour's first birthday party, decided to through caution and diabetes to the wind and eat a cupcake (actually ate all my own cupcake, two bites of Mr Oh's and half of Little A's).  Blood glucose reading an hour later indicated that blood was mostly sugar.   Overwhelmed by guilt and remorse, spent next 20 minutes frantically trying to burn off excess sugar levels in gym.   Put on workout playlist for added energy.  Was enthusiastically 'vogueing' with my arms while belting away on the stationary bike for at least 5 minutes before I realised that the men in the security room with all the live- feed cameras were probably thinking this was one of the weirder scenes they had witnessed - dancing, heavily pregnant woman, cycling like maniac on a Saturday evening.  In any culture, it's probably a bit odd.  

Sunday 10 August

Spent the hours between 3 and 5 am  having relatively mild contractions.  Got quite excited when they were only ten minutes apart. Tried to inform Mr Oh but he seemed unwilling to wake up and chat. Then realised that the blue glittery flip-flops I had bought online to wear in the hospital hadn't arrived yet. Satisfied that this was an end to the matter, decided to go back to sleep.  

Had (mild) contractions throughout the day but flip-flops still not here so ignored contractions. 

Monday 11 August


Flip-flops arrived.  Still nothing.  

Tuesday 12 August


Wednesday 13 August (DD -7)

10am - nothing.  I have high hopes for the afternoon.
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